Apollony moon workshop

Moon Workshop Toolkit

The Moon Workshop is used to create all the building content in the game. These building objects are saved in .scp files. The Moon Workshop creates and edits these .scp files that can be added or removed from the game by editing the plugin list in the settings menu.

Getting StartedEdit

In the main menu, select Moon Workshop. A new window will pop up asking to create a new .scp file or load a previously made one. Note: Only the name of the file is needed when loading, meaning no .scp at the end.

Multiple .scp files can be loaded into the game by editing the plugin list in the Settings.

Creating a new buildingEdit

Id: A unique identity for the building, recommended to be long and specific to avoid duplication conflicts.

Name: The visable name for the building.

Building Menu Id: The name of the image file in your Apollony game folder that will be the icon in the building list (200px,100px). If you don't have an image, you can put ID as a replacement to just show the building's name (as seen in the image example).

Starting Defaults: These are used if you want your building to be a source of a Transit resource.

Build Cost: This is the cost to build and run your building. Initial Cost is how much of each resource is needed in order to build. Running Cost is how many resources are needed to be used every tick in order for the building to run and produce a resource.

Transit: This defines what transit resources you will want to pass through this building and onto other connected buildings.

Production: This defines what resources the building produces, stores, and requires.

Requirements: What inputs the building requires to run, these are done through transit connections like power cables. If these requirements are met along with the Running Cost, the building will produce the output.

Output: What your building produces when all requirements are met.

Produce Resource: What resource this building produces.

Production Amount: How much of the Produced Resource.

Storage Resource: What resource this building stores.

Storage Amount: How much of the Storage Resource is stored.

Power Output: What voltage of power this building outputs.

      Note: An example of a LV --> MV Transformer would be a building with a Power Transit Enabled, LV Power Requirement, and MV Power Output.

Map: Build the layout of the building, first part placed is the build location of that building. See more under Map Tool